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As most of you probably know, a surname is a name that comes from a father and is automatically given to their son or daughter when they are born. The name is also given to a wife from their husband when they get married, but this is not required, they may join both of their surnames together with a hyphen separating them or the husband could take on the surname of the wife. A surname can also be called a "last name", this is because surnames appear as the last name a person has. For example a person may have a First name then a middle name and finally a last name. E.g., John Michael Sutton

You may want to generate a surname for a stage name and you want to keep your first name, or for example you could change your name to something that describes you, which is possibly what Kim Dotcom did when he changed his last name from Schmitz to Dotcom. His new name being the word form of .com and as you can imagine, he has founded some large Internet companies. Some other good uses of this surname generator could be for fictional character names in a book, film, play, game or you may just want to find a good last name. This generator will generate thousands of surnames from the most popular / common to the most unique.

In the last name list below the generator, you can click the names to keep a shortlist of your most favorite ones and you can also add a first name to the last name in the "first name" box, or you can add a second last name by typing something along the lines of "-Smith" in the box.

Tip: Add a single letter to the last name such as 'a' or 'e' in the 'last name' box to generate more unique surnames.

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